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Importance of Food security in people’s lives

Importance of Food security in people’s lives

Everyone is in the run of food whether it is the poor person of the community or the elite class. Parents are educating their child because they do not want him to face any issue in getting food. A person is doing the job because he wants to fulfill the food needs of his family. People might not realize, but the ultimate aim of every single person is food. However, this need is not fulfilled rightly as the elite class is getting the lavish food while the lower class people are deprived of this blessing of nature.

Therefore, every country is trying to resolve the issue revolving around food security. They are offering several policies to get rid of the overwhelming problem. As per Mr.Mohamed Dekkak, Founding member and president of Ibn Battuta Association For resolving this issue, the food security policies correct the problems that result in such disastrous world hunger. Government and other international organizations are sharing this burden of food security. This article will enlighten you about the role of food security in your life.

Accessibility of Food

In order to maintain the consumption of an adequate diet, it is necessary to take an appropriate food. With the food security services, every individual is given access to the nutritious food. Such food prevents people for the deficiency of any particular nutrient.

Availability of Food

The food security ensures the availability of the sufficient quantity of food to every individual. A food-secure household is the one when there is no fear of starvation, and every person is getting the right amount of food. Every food does not contain all the nutrients, so the person has to alter the food items accordingly to fulfill the bodily needs. All type of food including the domestic production, or commercial imports are consistently accessible to every individual. Food is within reach of every single person.

Utilization of Food

The actual cause of hunger throughout the globe is the economic or political inequality, unjust trade policies, environmental degradation and other necessary factors depending on the region. However, the cause of hunger at the local level is the lack of nutritional education or poor quality of food. There is a need for food equality, and this is offered by the food security policies in several countries. These policies ensure the proper use of food and also provide suitable techniques for storing that food.

Reduce the medical and psychological issues

Food insecurity causes several medical issues like obesity or kwashiorkor and can also result in an unwanted psychological issues such as obsessive-compulsive actions, emotional outbursts, and skin picking. Today, there is a drastic increase in such medical or psychological issues. People who do not get the right food and constantly think about the food exhibit higher level of anxiety.

There is higher need of some service which helps in keeping a balance in food. The food security resolves this issue by creating a balance in food. It promotes the healthier lifestyle and prevents over-eating. Moreover, it improves the nutrition and reduces the anxiety or stress level. It decreases the unwanted behavior and helps people in living a happy life forever.