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Doing business in MENA region and some best companies

Doing business in MENA region and some best companies

In the mena region, UAE is best for doing business. In one report the UAE has ranked as the easiest state to do business in the mena region. According to a report 21 reforms, including 11 region’s and 20 economies who implemented the ease of doing business. In the past five years, there were only 16 reforms, and this was a significant increase as compared to previous one.

In the mena region to reinforce the contracts, UAE was the only one.

In registering of property and getting electricity the countries of MENA region Saudi Arabia and Oman have improved so much. The Saudi Arabia has introduced the computerized system of land registry. This takes only a few days to register the property, faster system than any other region.

The Oman has upgraded to track the power brownout. To making easier for measuring the electrical grid accuracy and productivity effects on the firm. Economies in the mena region have achieved many reforms in the area of getting electricity, starting a business and trading.

The Morocco in a report was rated second best after UAE in the mena region. In the ranking, which country is best for business, Morocco was ranked as the best country for doing business in MENA region. The Morocco was ranked second because of its low labor cost, and good market economy.

This country has progressed in many sectors such as tourism, aerospace, and textiles. The industrial infrastructure and investment in transportation has made the country best place for business.

Some of the best companies in the mena region:

  • Zainal Alireza company the House of Alireza: It is one of oldest company in mena region, which was started as a textile and food importer. After some time the business was started they expand to real estate and also agencies for shopping that carried the commodities.
  • Distributor company the Binzagr: It is the largest and distributor company. It distributes a large number of consumer goods such as beauty care products, foods, and drinks even the automotive tires.
  • The bonus: The bonus is the ice cream and juice producers, there three side pyramid juice box is very famous, everyone recognizes by it.
  • The brothers business relationships with other countries: The brothers, known as Bhatia Brothers expand their relationship of business with India. There company was well known for there automobile parts and accessories. Nowadays there headquarter is in Dubai. They have now expanded from distribution to construction and manufacturing.
  • Egypt bank: The national bank in the mena region. It now has many branches all over the world.
  • Etisalat: The first founded telecommunication corporation in mena region. It was a joint stock company. The development was increased in the exchange lines. The Etisalat now operates across Asia and Middle East. In the mena region, it was named as the most powerful company.

These are some of the companies in the mena region. They worked successfully and made the mena region best place for the business.